Welcome to LovettEmma.com! My very own corner of the net(:

My names Emma and I’m a webcam model superstar from Sunshine-Cactusland USA! (aka Arizona).

Tan, Blonde, and Fabulous has been my motto for a while now and I believe in it! I’m very happy, fun and outgoing! I can be a little loud at times but I’m always a bundle of fun! Im very 420 friendly and a big animal lover(: I’m a dog mom to three rescue dogs and sunshine makes me happy(:


I have a live show I do almost every day. I call my cam show “The Emma Show” and its my platform for expressing myself to the world!(: The Emma show is my passion and I love entertaining all my awesome fans! I live my life one day at a time and I love to share my experiences (cute and naughty) with the world! My life always takes me on spontaneous adventures and I always keep my iphone Winslow around to share my experiences with you so don’t forget to follow me on twitter!

I mainly do The Emma Show with my husband but sometimes I invite one of my hot girlfriends to come over and do threesome shows with us(: The Emma Show is so much more fun with a third person and I love sharing my husband its such a huge turn on for me! Besides threesomes we also have other couples on the show whether its two hot pornstars or an 18 year old school girl and her boyfriend;)

about me emma lovett

The best way to know when a show is going on is to check my profile.

My show consists of lots of crazy fun that can never be duplicated! Everything is spontaneous I always just like to go with the flow of things. It’s always fun to see the situations I find myself in on the Emma show, my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing half the time and the other half my buttcheeks hurt from getting spanked in a Gold Show;) Its never a boring day on the Emma Show!

I could go on for days about myself but you can’t get to know someone just from reading about them. If you wanna get to know me better feel free to stop by my show anytime and I promise I’ll make you smile(: And if you become a member of Team Emma you’ll see all of my content which includes all of my old gold shows from the past years! As well as over 70 movies featuring all my hot friends and some personal iphone videos Eddie likes to make when he gets horny;)

I love friends and getting to know people! Don’t be shy and shoot me a tweet if you ever wanna talk!(:

Hugs and Kisses!
Emma Lovett <3

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