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Debut of Mila and Levi

By | September 16th, 2015|B/G, Couples Sex, Facial, New Couple, New Model, New Movie, Road Trip, Romantic|

Overseas adventure Mila and Levi are a young couple from New York who recently began doing webcamming. They heard [...]

Debut of Luna and Pepe

By | April 1st, 2015|B/G, Couples Sex, Croatia, Luna, Naughty movies, New Model|

Luna and Pepe After living in Croatia for several months we found out just how difficult it was to [...]

Debut of Nicol

By | August 11th, 2014|Emma Show, Naughty movies, New Model, New Movie, Nicol, Threesome|

Nicol I first met Nicol at Starbucks. I could immediately tell she was smart when she kept asking so [...]


By | July 2nd, 2014|Ellaye, Emma Show, Naughty movies, New Model, New Movie, Photos, Threesome|

Ellaye I first met Ellaye when I interviewed her at Starbucks. In walked this cute redhead with big round [...]

Debut of Hayden

By | June 19th, 2014|Hayden, Naughty movies, New Model, New Movie, Threesome|

Meeting Hayden It was a sunny March day and we were at The Phoenix Forum with our friend who introduced us [...]

Debut of Tysen Rich!

By | March 8th, 2014|Emma Show, New Model, Tysen Rich|

I'm so thrilled to have Tysen Rich joining me on The Emma Show(: We love wearing matching outfits on [...]