Shop Updates & FREE Photoset

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First Time Anal It took about 5 years of making naughty movies for you guys before I worked up [...]

Fusce quis velit in erat molestie

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Aliquam pulvinar felis auctor mauris semper, sit amet eleifend lectus auctor. Sed congue risus id congue dignissim. Nullam et [...]

New Panties!!

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Hello loves! Just wanted to let you guys know there are new panties up for sale in the shop!! [...]

Change of Plans

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Today we found out that Eddie is not a Bosnian national. He was born in Croatia and is an [...]

Moving to Europe Raffle!

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Hi loves! I'm starting a new raffle to help fundraise for our move to Europe. You can get tickets [...]


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  So everyone keeps asking my what happened to Eddie. Well heres the story. It's like a movie really. [...]

Did a photoshoot in…

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I did a photo shoot in the desert the other day!! :D There's always a bunch of little bunnies [...]

Iced Coffee!!

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So yummy!! I'm going through an Iced Coffee phase, I still like coconut water though!! Never getting over coconut [...]

Building websites

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Its hard work! I even bought a visual editor to make things easier but it's still so hard. I [...]

Ahhhh yayyyy!(:

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Finally started my own website! I feel so happy to have my own little corner of the internet(: I'm [...]