Winter Wonderland 3

Join us for the the thrilling conclusion to the Winter Wonderland trilogy! This is our third winter making movies together and this time around Eddie and I took a road trip through our new home, Croatia! We got lost a few times but I had a lot of fun chasing chickens in the little villages along the way. We drove up to Zadar where we made a short stop and then through the icy roads and rains of Rijeka. After driving 9 hours up the coast we finally got to Eddie’s birth place, Pula. When we arrived at our hotel room things started to get sexy! I was craving some pizza after our extended drive and Eddie was craving a blowjob which quickly turned into sex and a cumshot all over my belly! The next day we visited Eddies childhood playground, Pulas Roman Colosseum! It was a truly magical experience and made me fall in love with my husbands birthplace. Afterwards we  continued on our road trip driving through sunny towns and snowy mountains. On the way we decided to pull over into a snowy cornfield and finish our weekend with a juicy, slow-motion facial!(: