18 year old Elise

The first couple we ever invited to join us on our live cam show was sexy, blonde 18 year old Elise, and her boyfriend Andre. My hubby knew Elise from high school and they had mutual friends so when she got wind of our live sex shows she immediately contacted him to set something up. Elise reminded me a lot of a younger, slimmer version of myself. She was blonde and fun as could be! Elise and I looked like twins in some of our photos, we even made a fetish movie called “Foot Twins” one day. And on the show people always asked if Elise was my younger sister. 


Hot, young slut

Elise loved showing off her hot young body. She would come over with her slutty school girl outfit and was always excited to get online and chat with new people. Elise loved being on camera and was very interactive, fans loved chatting with her. She was also very funny. Her blonde moments made us all chuckle. With a lovable, cute personality and a petite teenage body, our fans on The Emma Show couldn’t get enough of Elise.


J Biebs – The Boyfriend

Her boyfriend looked a lot like Justin Bieber as our audience pointed out immediately. He was two years older than me but he looked like he could have been 18 as well lol. Elise and Andre had a blast fucking all over our apartment while I filmed them. I loved doing the camera work for their shows. I worked the angles around Elise to really show off her perfect petite body and gorgeous full b-cup titties.

She was very sexual and definitely knew what she was doing on cam. She always caught the cum like a pro (;

18 year old Elise and Andre were only with us for a short time and we never got a chance to make a proper movie but the gold show footage we put together for this movie is amazing and I’m sure it will make everyone cum multiple times.

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