(UPDATE: As of June 2018 my Youtube channel has been permanently suspended. YouTube is doubling down on censorship and cracking down hard on anything sexual. I will be moving all my videos to PornHub)

50,000 Subscribers!

We reached another milestone on social media! Youtube is now my most followed platform thank you guys so much for subscribing!(: I love making videos for youtube because it gives me an opportunity to be creative outside of webcamming.

Slow Motion Twerk

As a gift to all my amazing subscribers, I filmed some slow mo twerking with my new 4K camera. This was shot during the most recent cam contest so a was a bit busy. Anyway heres the video, hope you like it!


Cam Vlog #13

As some of you may know Youtube isn’t too friendly when it comes to sexually provocative content and a consequence of my channel growing has also been a lot of my videos being removed. Heres one that was flagged for removal just today. I’ll be posting these videos on here so they will still be available. This is from my CLOG series of videos which was just me doing quick vlogs while on cam. In CLOG #13 I was freshly moved in to my new apartment in Budapest and had my first Hungarian co-star, Shona River, on the show. We shake our butts and get a little bit naughty (but clearly enough to be inappropriate for youtube). Check it out: