Hot Day

It was a blistering hot day in Arizona and I was walking along the road on my way to a friends house. While I was walking down the street a car started honking. There was a cute boy inside so I walked up to talk to him and he offered to give me a ride. I didn’t want to keep walking in the hot sun so I accepted this strangers invitation. We introduced each other and I told him how to get to my friends house. But when he turned into an alley looking for a “shortcut” I got a little worried. He started propositioning me for sex and I didn’t know how to react! I ended up giving in to his sexual advances because something told me I could trust this guy.


Hot Sex

I started to unzip his pants and then gave him a blowjob in his car. Then he asked for me to ride his cock. My pussy was so wet so I decided it would be okay, he was hot anyway. Then I walked outside naked so I could ride his cock. It felt so naughty having sex outside with a stranger knowing anyone could just walk by at any moment. After fucking him for a while some old lady drove up the alley! We started laughing and I pulled my shorts back up and ran back to the passengers seat! The guy giving me a ride seemed really eager to finish so we drove around until we found an abandoned house where he could fuck me. We finally found a spot where we could fuck. I gave him another blowjob and then he fucked me doggy. After a while he finally came in my mouth. We were almost caught a few times but the thrill and hot weather made my pussy THAT much wetter!(:

108 Degrees