Moving to Croatia

Eddie and I took two different flights out of the US and met in London! The moment I first saw him was indescribable. I felt like I had butterflies in my tummy! When Eddie opened the hotel room door in nothing but his cute IMG_3335flamingo panties I jumped on him and hugged him as tight as I could <3  We shared stories and looked at photos of the past few months and then we got naughty and fucked in every part of that hotel room. Sex was so amazing, I felt like a virgin all over again! Every little touch and tingle was breath taking.

After our amazing sex sesh we ordered some room service and started drinking! We made plenty of trips to the bar for more beer before we passed out on the bed and took a little nap.

Early that morning it was time to board our next flight together and head off to Croatia!

Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was.

We first landed in Zagreb, Croatia. It was really foggy at the time. Having some time until our next flight we decided to go explore the near by park and walk through this beautiful field with a bunch of trees and pretty yellow and brown autumn leaves everywhere.

Our walk around the park was so relaxing and scenic, we even found a little playground and Eddie spun me around on the thing until I got nauseous, good times.

Then we had to go back to the airport and board our last flight to the sunny coastline city that we would now be calling home.


IMG_3429It was a short half hour flight to get to Split. When we finally arrived I was amazed by the beautiful Venetian architecture and all the little islands that could be seen around the coast. Our taxi took us and our 5 oversized suitcases to the hotel we would be calling home for the next 7 nights.

Our first night at the hotel was spent relaxing and having a yummy dinner followed by trips to the bar for more and more wine. Our room had an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea, I loved watching all the ships sail by and people wind surfing while I got fucked over the patio railing!;)

The next day we decided to go explore the city. We went walking around and found stray cat alley, a delicious beach side restaurant, and a mall. After it started to get really windy so we started heading back to the hotel. We made it just in time, as we were approaching the hotel entrance the rain began sprinkling down.
















As soon as we got to our room I immediately ran out to the balcony and watched the ocean waves splash around. I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair and soft rain sprinkles on my skin. I hear Eddie coming out to the patio and I turn around only to see him with a camera. It was the first time in months that Eddie was filming something. It immediately brought back memories of us filming naughty videos together. I knew where this was going. I got so excited knowing we were about to shoot our first new naughty movie in Croatia! I gave Eddie a blowjob on the patio while it gently sprinkled outside and then he bent me over the patio rail and fucked me doggy while I watched the ocean thrash its waves around.


After the rain picked up we took our naughty selves inside and I rode Eddies hard cock on the bed until I came and my entire body tingled. It was a great feeling. I felt warm and happy inside(: Then it was Eddies turn to finish, he fucked me up against Steven the seahorse and came all over my face!

Members can enjoy my first ever movie in Croatia here! And if you haven’t joined Team Emma yet you can do that right hyah. Enjoy!(:



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