I first met Aubrey at Starbucks while I was doing a group interview. She stood out from the rest of the group. I knew that this girl was Emma Show material so I invited her over to my place to sign paperwork later that week. She arrived with her boyfriend Brock and we all got to know each other. I introduced them to Eddie and they were fascinated with what we do for a living and excited to give it a shot!



Aubrey decided that she was comfortable with Boy/Girl shows with her boyfriend and being camera-girl for our threesome shows. Aubrey and Brock just started dating about 3 months before the came to work on our show. They were freshly in love and ready to expose their sex life to the entire world! Aubrey just turned 18 two weeks before she first appeared on The Emma Show. She really enjoyed the camera and knowing that people were watching her. Everyone on the show was super excited over 18 year old Aubrey and they were especially keen to her booty;) She was young, hot, and had a wild side! She could also twerk like no other. Everyone got excited to see Aubrey’s bubble butt shake and twerk! She loved the crowd and they loved her back!


Show time!

When it was show time, Brock came in and things got naughty. Aubrey and Brock fucked each other as if no one was watching. She sucked his cock like a professional and even looked at the camera a few times. She said shes never done porn before but she sure knew what she was doing! After Aubrey got Brocks cock hard he ate her pussy until it was dripping wet! Meanwhile I was getting amazing angles of all the action happening. The fans loved knowing that I was there naked, right next to them, while they fucked. I got the best angles of Brock penetrating Aubrey’s pussy. He loved to fuck her missionary and she loved to ride him cowgirl!

Their shows were so hot and everyone loved watching young, hot, Aubrey get fucked hard. They did a lot of missionary and when Brock was about the cum, I came super close with the camera and caught the amazing cum shot that went all over Aubreys torso and perky little titties.


Voyeur Eddie

While all this was going on Eddie was upstairs getting the voyeur view of everything that was happening. If you enjoy voyeurism this is the perfect movie for you(:

Aubrey and Brock were naturals on camera. They got along great and their charisma really showed on cam. They were a true couple that just loved to fuck and share themselves with the world.




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Debut of Aubrey and Brock