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Role Play – I was new to ballet class and it was a bit intimidating practicing in the home of my instructor. He was slightly older and covered in tattoos. He was unlike the other balet teachers I had in the past. My one on one sessions with him had been going on for just a few weeks but the sexual tension between us had already built up to an unbearable level. When he would hold my waist or stretch my legs I always fantasized of us hooking up. I imagined him bending me over and ripping my panthose to fuck me through my leotard. Well this day turned out to be the day my dreams came true. We were close to eachother with my ass up against him. I could feel his cock getting firmer and tighter in his tights and I was gleefully teasing him with my ass cheeks. Eventually I made the first move and pulled his throbbing boner out. I shoved it in my mouth and he started fucking my face like I had always hoped he would. He fucked me in all kinds of ways and eventually I ended up riding him in a chair. I rode his cock until he filled my pussy with his hot cum!