Seaside Summer

Eddie and I took our first trip to the beach for our first ever summer in Europe! We brought our dogs and got a super cute apartment on one of the coastal cities, Zadar. I loaded up the car and we were off to the sea! Once we arrived in Zadar we went for a walk and explored our new surroundings. I was looking forward to walking around with my butt out all year and the time was now! Nearby were lots of islands and our ballerina friends from England happened to be on one of them so we went to see them! Silba was a gorgeous, small island with peaceful beaches and no hotels and no atms (I found that out the hard way). We drank, swam and had an incredible seafood dinner! A few days later back on the mainland Eddie got out the camera and decided to record a little naughty vacation video…


Vacation Sex

It started off with lots of joking around and giggles and then I started to get down to business;) I began giving Eddie a wet blowjob. My sun burned shoulders and crazy tan lines definitely made it feel like steamy summer sex! My skin was warm from tanning all day and I loved the feeling of Eddies fingers running all me. After I got his cock all wet and hard I took our party up stairs where things got even naughtier. Our camera died when we went upstairs so we had to finish the rest of our video on my phone. I ended up getting really horny and had Eddie fuck me without the phone for a while so he could focus on making me cum. But we didn’t leave all the fun to ourselves and eventually got back to recording the action. At one point we noticed an old grandma across from our window staring in complete disbelief and confusion at what she was watching lol.


After closing the curtain a little and having an awesome toe curling orgasm it’s finally Eddie’s turn! He bent me over and fucked me doggy until he exploded hot cum all over my titties and tummy. I had some fun looking at my jizz art in the mirror and then went to clean up. A few hours later I was enjoying an ice cream cone in the gorgeous ancient city center in Zadar. I even helped a street magician with his trick(: All in all it was a great vacation and I can’t wait to spend more time on the Croatian seaside this summer!

Beach Bum


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