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Berlin Part 1

We flew to Berlin to attend XbizBerlin2016, a business conference for the adult industry. The clubs and sights in Berlin are epic! In part one we check in to our hotel and later have some fun breaking in the room with a few live shows. When we first arrived our room wasn’t ready yet so we went to explore some nearby sights like the super tall TV tower. And I rode on a subway for the first time! Afterwards we settled into our room and I got on cam so I could share the fun with all you guys. I made sure to record my gold shows but Eddie also had his point of view covered with the main camera. After fucking in the show I got a big load of cum in my mouth which I promptly spit into my hand lol. Then later that night after we got back from drinking, we decided to wrap up the night with a facial show. Because we had so much content from the trip I decided to split this movie into two parts.

Berlin Part 2

In part two we go to the event hotel to pick up our badges. We met some really cool people there and went with them to a nearby food stand. The sun was starting to set and I was really high from using someones vape pen that they smuggled into the country from California lol. Eddie was busy recording stuff with the gopro (including up my skirt, that pervert!). The next day we woke up and had some AMAZING morning sex before going out sightseeing. We went to the Berlin Wall and then Brandenburg Gate (which was much bigger than I imagined). Later that night we recorded some more vacation sex (even though my pussy was still sore from that morning). I made Eddie cum on the mirror and then licked it off, albeit a bit apprehensively. Watching the movie back was pretty hilarious during the cum licking part lol. Hope you guys enjoy it anyway(: