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We met Hayden through a mutual friend. The first times we hung out was at Phoenix Forum. We had so much fun dress up like hippies at the 70’s party and knew she would be perfect for the show. With her dark hair, “husky dog” eyes and perky tits she has become an instant fan favorite!


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Andre and Elise

We met Elise at a party and this slutty 18 year old blonde screamed “Emma Show Material” so when we convinced her boyfriend (who everyone thought resembled Justin Bieber) to fuck her on cam I knew you guys would love me forever lol. This petite teen is cute as a button and knows how to ride her boyfriends cock like a dirty little slut;)




Tysen came to us right after doing her first main stream porn shoots. I could tell she was a pro by the way she handled my husbands cock! And she knew how to give great double blowjobs with me(: This petite brunette could not get enough of The Emma Show and fucking us so she ended up doing a show every day for a week!



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Emma and Eddie

As you all probably found out in HBO’s Sex//Now, Eddie and I are just a young married couple who love to fuck on cam. Its what we’ve done almost every day for almost 3 years and its our favoirte past time(: Although we love doing threesomes with hot girls too most of the time its just us. Here’s a few of my personal favorite gold shows with just the two of us(:


Chase-best of

Chase (aka Jasmine aka “The Wife Fucker”)

We first met Chase at a party at Minnies house. Within minutes of meeting she was showing us her perfect boobs and pouring molly in my mouth lol. At the time she worked at a sports bar and when that didn’t work out we invited her on The Emma Show where she made her adult debut as Jasmine Diamond. Since then she has blown up in the porn world as Chase Ryder. She can lick her own nipples with her insanely long tongue and she loves anal! Here are her best live shows…


chloe-best of


Chloe is one of the girls, like Minnie, who was on the show touching herself and watched while Eddie and I fucked. Unlike Minnie though she loved cum so we made sure to get some on her during the facial shows;) Chloe now works at the clubs in Old Town Scottsdale but I’m sure we’ll have her back on the show eventually. Here are some of her live shows..