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Birthday BJ

It was Eddies birthday this week and we traveled to Split, Croatia (where we lived for a while if you recall) so he could get a tattoo from a world famous artist. I brought the camera along to give you guys a personal, behind the scenes look into our life as a married couple(: Besides making sex videos for the internet we’re pretty much a normal, silly couple with lots of inside jokes and stuff only we think is funny. A good example being the running prostitute joke which never fails to confuse people and give them the wrong idea lol. But the two of us our in our own little world and really high most of the time(: Once we finally settled into our hotel I made sure to record a birthday blowjob scene for you guys and luckily for Eddie, it just so happened to be his birthday and he just so happened to have a hard dick I could use. Hope you guys enjoy this quirky and intimate update!