Drawing a bath

It was a lazy, quiet evening and I decided it’d be nice to take a bath. I went over to my bathroom, turned on my favorite spa lounge music and started running the bath water. Steam was rising from the hot water and filling the air with moisture and heat. I lit some candles around me and made the lighting perfect and relaxing. After that I went to the kitchen and poured myself a nice glass of white wine.

Masturbating in the tub

When I made my way back to the bathroom my tub was almost full. I started removing my clothing little by little until I was completely naked and ready to submerge myself into the nice, hot, steamy tub. (I like my baths REALLY hot).

The spa music had me feeling so relaxed. The wine combined with the water was making me feel all warm and tingly inside. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as my body slowly sinked deeper and deeper into the hot bath. Next thing I knew I had my fingers on my pussy and began slowly rubbing it. I was so relaxed in the tub and touching myself felt great so I decided to grab the shower head and have some extra naughty fun!

Wet Blowjob

All of a sudden…Eddie walks in! He was surprised to catch me with a jet of water pointed at my pussy and at the same time couldn’t resist the urge to join in. He took off all his clothes and got inside the tub with me. We kissed passionately to the sounds of spa music. I started rubbing his hard cock under water and then when we got up I gave him the sloppiest, wettest blowjob. Gagging on his hard cock as he fucked my slutty face.

Then he bent me over the tub and started fucking me. First slow and sensual and then harder and harder. He sat on the edge of the tub while I rode his cock before he came all over my face! The cum was dripping from my chin all the way down my tummy and sticking to my pussy. It was the best bath ever!

Bubble Bath 2 Promo