Bubble Bath 2

It was a serene and peaceful day and I decided to take a bubble bath. I played some relaxing music, lit candles and grabbed myself a glass of wine. Once the bath was full of bubbles I slipped into the tub and made myself comfortable. It was so soothing being in there and the warmth of the water started to make my pussy feel all tingly. I was touching myself in the tub when I had a brilliant idea. The water nozzle I used to fill up the tub would be perfect! The powerful stream of water was hitting all the right spots when all of a sudden Eddie walked in on me. I asked him to join me. The warm water and relaxing music quickly had the same effect on him as well, making his cock grow and harden in the water. I sucked him off and then rode him cowgirl in the tub. He fucked me doggy against the wall and then I had the urge to get my face fucked hard. Hearing me gag on his cock made him shoot lots of big loads of jizz all over my face. With cum dripping off my face, down my chest and to my pussy I felt like a dirty little whore even though I was incredibly clean from my bath (: