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Can’t wait to be reunited with my baby in Croatiaeddie1

It’s about time for a blog update! This week we find out exactly when Eddie will be flying back! We’re hoping his flight is next week!(: I’m for sure flying to Croatia by the 30th of this month but we’re hoping its sooner, like next week the 21st or 22nd would be great!(:

Either way I’ll be reunited with my soulmate by the end of this month and I can’t wait!!(: We’re going to dress up as minions together for halloween:D I know you guys miss Eddie a lot too, this website is his baby and it needs Eddie to run properly lol

Once Eddie gets back he will have tons of new content that we’ve been piling up for the past 2 months and he’ll release a eddie10flood of new movies and photos!(: There should be tons of awesome new content coming before Halloween!(:

I just can’t wait to have my baby back in my arms. I’ll feel complete once again <3 Life should be lovely in Croatia. We’ll be living in a beach town and will find all the hot Croatian girls and bring them over to our show so you guys can meet them!(:

Don’t forget we’re drawing the winner for Moving to Europe Raffle the day before I fly out! Either the 21st or the 28th of this month!! The winner gets awesome prizes like a 3 month membership, DVD Set, pair of panties, and an autographed 8×10!(:

Thank you again for all your love and support boo’s I couldn’t have gone through these terrible past 8 weeks without you guys <3

Hugs & Kisses!eddie9


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