Sharing Cum (again)

This is the second part of the cumswaps with Shona series. It was Day Two of our threesome shows and surprise surprise the high tipper picked cum swap for the cum show again! lol. Except this time I didn’t spit in on the floor. He came in my mouth and we made out with it like a proper yummy, gooey cum share should go(: The sex on this day was more fun in my opinion. We shared the cock better after having the practice from day one. Licking up each side of his cock and meeting at the head to make out was my favorite(: I also let Shona and hubby do their thing a little more while I did the camerawork. As you guys already know by now it gets me so hot to watch him fuck my hot friends but with Shona it was a whole new level. Maybe its her porn star aura or knowing that he loves redheads but it was EXTRA hot watching them fuck. With this info you should be able to guess whats coming in future updates 😉

Cumswaps with Shona Part Two Trailer


Shonas Photoset

Lately I’ve been all about trying out the other side of the camera and I took some great shots of Shona on my bed. I’ll give you the entire .ZIP file photoset from this movie absolutely FREE! Click below to download:


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