Cum on Shona

I was browsing through random photos and found several with cum on Shona River. I’ve been posting a lot of content with her lately so might as well keep the Shona train moving!(:

Below we have Shona covered in cum from mouth and face, running down her tits and stomach all the way to her sexy thighs.


Puddle of Cum

Here is Shona with a nice big puddle of hot, sticky jizz in her belly button after we had a hot threesome in the kitchen. Thats Eddies friends bike in the background. He came over to hang out and was lucky enough to watch the end of our naughty cam show(:


Facial on Shona

And here we have Shona caught with some of my husbands cum all around her mouth yet again! What a slut(:

Ass Cum

Finally here is Shona from the finale of our movie RED LIPS with her big fat ass covered in gooey cum. Great shot of her bush from the back too(:


Oh and heres a free gold show that ends with me and Shona swapping cum and making out with it. It’s a little stuttery and the audio is not synced but its still a really hot show. Watch it below: