Luna and Pepe

After living in Croatia for several months we found out just how difficult it was to find models here. Back in Arizona we had girls signing up all the time wanting to do threesome shows with us or asking if they could come on The Emma Show and fuck their boyfriends!

Well eventually a girl and her boyfriend signed up and said they were really interested to try it. They lived in Zagreb (the capital city of Croatia) and wanted to come stay with us and do some shows. Naturally the girl was NOT Croatian but Brazilian! Luna met her Croatian boyfriend Pepe while traveling the world and the two were currently working at a strip club together.


They took a 4 hour bus trip from Zagreb to our apartment on the coast not knowing who we were or if the gig was legit. Later Pepe confided how relieved he was to see that we were real! These two love birds were super excited to start do live shows. I enjoyed being naked cameragirl for them because I could tell they were really into each other. Sometimes they would continue fucking even after the gold show had ended!


Luna and I had so much fun on the show. And even when we weren’t camming we bonded over tales of travel and shots of Rakija (plum brandy). We had tons of fun telling jokes and getting to know each other. Luna had many stories about all the different places she had been to. Her and Pepe just started dating recently and it was easy to tell that they were in love with each other. They were here for 5 days and we got a lot of shows done as well as their movie for Team Emma which we aptly named “Debut of Luna and Pepe”.


We started off the Debut of Luna and PePe with a sex scene, unlike most movies. Luna was riding Pepes hard cock reverse cowgirl and then got off to give him a sloppy blowjob.

When the next show started we decided to make it a group show. Eddie and I fucked next to Luna and Pepe. We did all of our positions simultaneously. We were both in the reverse cowgirl and doggy positions at the same time and it looked really good.

When we finally arrived at the cum show we decided to make it a double facial. Pepe came on Lunas face while Eddie came on mine. It was fun getting to share facial time with another girl again. That was also Lunas first facial so it was exciting for her!(:


We had a lot of fun working with Luna and Pepe and you can catch up on all the fun in the Debut of Luna and Pepe movie! Members of Team Emma can watch the full movie and view the complete gallery   **HERE**


Debut of Luna and Pepe