Debut of Luna & Pepe

Since we moved to Croatia it’s been a bit difficult to find girls and couples to join us on our show. A lot of people from here are conservative. Thankfully we found Luna Corazon, a gorgeous Brazilian girl with a Croatian boyfriend who was more than willing to fuck her man on cam! They were even down to have Eddie and I fucking each other right next to them! Luna is a black beauty traveling the world and Pepe works at a strip club. They had such amazing chemistry on cam, you could really tell they enjoyed each other. Sometimes they would keep fucking even after the show was over! And when I held the webcam for their shows and watched Lunas tight little ass bouncing on that fat cock, I have to admit it made me pretty horny! Luna moans very loudly, she even dirty talks in Portuguese occasionally. Every time they did a cum shot PePe always came in her eye on accident. It was fun working with those two and the crowd loved watching Luna, they called her Halle Barry lol. Enjoy the Debut of Luna and Pepe!(: