Debut of Nicol

The first time I met Nicol I knew she would be a great addition to The Emma Show. She gave off this “naughty librarian” vibe and I was so into it. Nicol is actually a really big (and really hot) nerd. She loves video games and anime. And I love her huge double d’s and perfect squat butt!(: Nicol was a natural on the show, she loves to get dirty and share my husbands cock with me. In our very first show she looked me in the eyes and asked me if I liked watching her fuck my husband! It made my pussy so fucking wet! And yes I do like it, I absolutely love watching her ride my mans hard dick. Nicol is the most fun threesome partner yet and I’m sure you will all love watching her big naughty titties bouncing while she gets railed. We had so much fun in Nicols first week camming with us so don’t forget to catch up on all her shows and I hope you guys enjoy her debut movie(: (Members – FULL MOVIE)

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