My husbands teenage fantasy

So today Eddie and I were discussing sexual fantasies and how much they change as we get older. I was telling him how when I was 16, guys who were 21 were the hottest thing. And then when I was 18 I considered 24 the perfect age. Of course today there’s nothing more attractive than a man in his thirties! So I supposed women usually fantasize about an older man but what trend held true for men I wondered? Well Eddie enlightened me and confided he has always favored barely legal teens!

He then revealed a fantasy he used to have as a horny teenager walking home from school. Walking through the hot, Arizona desert bored and lonely his mind would wander…

His Dream Girl

“What if a super hot girl pulled up in a sports car and just started giving me a blowjob. That would be soooo cool…”

I thought his teenage fantasy was so cute and I really wanted to make it happen so I pushed for details. I asked him to describe his dream scenario and this “Dream Girl”.

“A black BMW pulls up… a tall, skinny blonde with legs for days… she’s wearing a black dress…… and she just gets out and sucks my dick… I cum and she swallows every drop… then she just gets up and leaves…”

His fantasy was coming alive in my mind and I was determined to see it realized.

Dream Girl Trailer

I know my GOLD Members have been anxiously awaiting Tan, Blonde and Fabulous 2. Eddie is still busy putting the finishing touches on that and another movie (Menage et Trois). In the meantime I really wanted you guys to have a quick little video to hold you over. Thus, “Dream Girl” was born. Straight from my husbands adolescent fantasy of the perfect girl to your computer screen!