Trip to the Library – Full Movie

UPDATE: As of September 23, 2016, this movie is available to everyone for free!! Watch it HERE(:

I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge on social media so I can better connect with my fans and to help more people discover The Emma Show. So I thought I should read up on social media marketing. I put on my cute, nerdy glasses and had Eddie drive me to the library. It was unbelievably hot outside. When we got there I walked around sipping my iced coffee until I found the searching station. I looked up online marketing books and found one called Social Media Marketing for Dummies!

On the way home something came over me. I don’t know if it was the hot, Arizona air or maybe wearing glasses and carrying books was bringing back memories from high-school. Either way I was feeling a little naughty on the car ride back home.


Things got really hot when we pulled over! It ended up being a very messy facial that got all over poor Benson too!

In the end it was a fun time and I must say I love my new glasses!

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