Chilly Fall Day

It was a cloudy fall day. Chillier than most days. I began to brew myself a cup of tea as usual. The view was so nice outside. Dark clouds and bare trees were a view I wasn’t very accustomed to, being from Arizona. It was one of the first real days of the transition from fall to winter. I wanted to be outdoors and enjoy my cup of tea in this new weather. While my tea was brewing I went out onto the terrace and swept up the leaves.


Hot Tea on the deck

I had to sweep a good portion of the side deck to make a nice and neat area to sip my tea. I positioned my two chairs and then Eddie came out with the tea right on time! We sat there drinking our tea thinking the new weather would be nice and different but we were too cold. Our hands were freezing, we couldn’t even touch each other! So we decided to go inside and finish our tea indoors.


Sexy time!

Once we got inside and made the transition from freezing to the warm and cozy space of our apartment, we hugged each other tightly. It felt so nice to warm up and it felt even nicer when Eddie started rubbing my pussy. He still had cold fingers from being outside but it actually made me really horny! I started sucking his cock and then got on the kitchen counter for an upside down deepthroat.


Kitchen Counter Face Fuck

He fucked my face and I could feel his hard cock sliding up and down my throat. It made me gag and tear up a bit. Then I got off the counter so he could fuck my pussy too. He did me doggy and then laid me right back down on the counter for missionary. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Eddies hard cock fucking my slutty, tight pussy. He was about to cum so I had him fuck my naughty face again until his warm cum exploded all over my face and hair!

It was a nice break from raking leaves and even though my tea got cold at least I got some hot cum(: