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Film Festival

We visited Sarajevo for the biggest film festival in central Europe to hang out with our filmmaker friends and explore a new city. And of course I brought my laptop so I could cam and spend time with my lovely fans(: The wifi was giving me some problems but testing out the lobby for a better connection was always fun lol. I made Eddie cum many times on the trip and we recorded three of them! The first cumshot was into my mouth and somehow Eddie convinced me ot swallow it. I did not enjoy the taste very much and thats putting it mildly. The second time it was a bit of a surprise and I jacked his dick off while he came in my hand. This time there was no way I was going to taste it. And we capped things off with the final cumshot being a nice and juicy creampie. All in all the trip was so much fun, in and outside of the hotel room. Hope you enjoy all the cummy goodness!(: