Its my birthday bitches!

Well technically my birthday was April 7th but it took me a while to make this. I blame the awesome time I had which left me with brain fog for a few days. Then I went on a trip and had to dig up footage from the big day. And oh what a day it was!

My 27th birthday

The day started with something I was waiting allll year to do… taking a trip to the Gucci store! There is a big avenue here in Budapest right next to where I live. Its called Andrássy and its a World Heritage site sort of the Champs-Élysées of Budapest. Anyway this is where all the nice stores are located and I’ve been walking by the Gucci store for months waiting for my birthday so I can justify buying such an outrageously priced item. But Im in loooove with what I got(: 

Of course the film crew was there with me to capture the happy moment. (Don’t forget my full feature documentary with HBO is coming out next Fall!)

Birthday Dinner

Later in the day Eddie surprised me by inviting a bunch of our friends to our dinner at my favorite restaurant. Its a fancy place on a boat with the most magical views of the Buda Castle. He even invited our old friend Luna Corazon! As you may recall we did a bunch of cam shows with her back when we lived in Croatia.

More Luna…

Poppin Bottles

Then after dinner we went back to our place and I was surprised again when more people showed up! Eddie brought out a delicious Belgian chocolate cake and I made a wish before blowing out the candles! Another year of being alive down and many more to go I hope(:

After cake we went to this really trendy club where we had our own table reservation. When they brought out a giant bottle of champagne for me I was in pure ecstasy. This was shaping up to be one helluva a birthday!

Birthday Fuck Show

I enjoyed myself so much I could barely get myself to log online the next day! I had planned on camming for my birthday celebration with you guys on The Emma Show. But of course I made it, I could never disappoint all my amazing fans(:

Thats it for this post, love you guys and don’t forget you can comment below if you wanna ask a question or just say hi(: