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Moving to Canada…

All I wanted for my 23rd birthday was to go back to North America. Living in Croatia was so different to me that I couldn’t handle it in the beginning. Split was a gorgeous, coastal city with a rich history and cool people but I missed the culture I grew up around. Eddie and I purchased our plane tickets, packed up all our stuff and turned in our keys to our seaside apartment.



On my birthday, the day that we were supposed to leave, a lot of crazy things happened. First I lost our passports and we missed our first flight! Then we finally found them and had to book new tickets and catch a bus to the city capital Zagreb, where we would catch a flight out the next morning. We spent that night at a good friends house whom we met back in Split. She lived in Zagreb and set up a cute little surprise for my birthday. The next morning we were off to the airport and our journey to Canada was officially beginning.


Epic Fail 🙁

As we were leaving we were so excited and couldn’t wait to be back in western society. We even got our tickets upgraded because it was my birthday(: However when we landed in Toronto Eddie was denied entry because of a few misdemeanors on his record he committed as a teenager in the US. After begging and pleading with the harsh customs officer to let my husband in the country he just wouldn’t budge. He said Eddie would not be allowed entry into Canada. He was a real asshole and even threatened to have me arrested because I was crying and holding on to Eddie. And I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice! We didn’t know that Canada was pretty much the same as the US, they share the same databases and both countries have really strict immigration policies. Eddie was sent to a local jail to wait for 2 days until the next returning flight. I stayed and waited out the time at the airport Hilton and it was the worst birthday experience EVER.


Moving to Zagreb!

Almost 2 days later when it was finally time to leave we had a cute dinner at the airport and celebrated leaving Canada with Patron shots lol. We flew back to Zagreb (thats us at the Croatian National Theater above) and stayed with our friend for 3 long days while we hunted for an apartment. Once we finally found our new home we signed our lease and moved in right away! A few days after we moved in the internet company came to set up our internet and he didn’t have good news. As fast as the internet could go at our new address was 0.7 mbps upload and we need at least 5 mbps to be able to do our cam show. We were devastated when we heard the tragic news. We tried everything from 4G mobile internet to other internet companies and nothing would work at our new address.


We had no choice but to find a second apartment to use as an office (pictured above) . Luckily our realtor quickly found us a nice, small apartment within 5 minutes walking distance from our new home. The office had the best internet available in Croatia and we took it immediately! However, this is Croatia and nothing here happens easily. It took the internet company almost 2 weeks to come out and activate our internet.


Christening our new home

While we were waiting I spent most of my time hanging out at home watching the rain (it never rains in AZ) or hanging out on the terrace (above) enjoying the nice spring weather. On this particular day Eddie came up behind me with a camera interview style. I was pale and not ready but I went along with his shenanigans anyway. After asking me some questions on the terrace I took Eddie inside and did a cute little strip for him.

After I got naked things steamed up and next thing I knew Kevin was out and ready to play! I gave Eddie a blowjob and then took him into the bedroom where he ate my pussy and fucked me passionately. I loved the way he went down on me, it sent chills up my spine <3 After that he climbed on top of me and fucked me so good until I was about to cum. Then I rode him and finished the job myself :p

After that it was Eddie’s turn. I laid on my tummy while he pounded my pussy with his hard cock and came hot gooey cum all over my butt cheeks(: It was a good housewarming I’d say. Theres no better way to turn a house into a home!(:

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House Warming