We went back to Sitges, Spain for round 2 of the Live Cam Awards this year! It was held at the Finca Mas Solers, an old casino that looks like some huge villa Pablo Escobar would make.

Our first day in Sitges Eddie and I went to The European Summit, which is the accompanying conference. We attended one of the meetings and then went off to the beach to smoke a little joint and enjoy the sunny weather, a far cry from the rain and grey clouds we left behind in Zagreb. We snapped a few photos, wrote in the sand, picked up some seashells and it was time to get back to the hotel room to put on my dress.


We barely made it back to our room in time and I was in such a hurry to catch the shuttle to the event that I almost ripped my delicate dress! 😮 Eddie had to help me unhook myself from a little loose string. In the end everything was okay but remind me to never again try to put my dress on so fast lol.

All eyes were on us as we paraded from our hotel to the shuttle bus. I felt so pretty in my dress and loved the attention. I had a really long train that dragged behind me as I walked so I had to carry it around most of the time, but for pictures I would let the train go and it looked amazing!!



Live Cam Awards

After a quick ride our bus (filled with dressed up people smelling like the perfume department at Macy’s) finally pulled up to the front gates of Finca Mas Solers! We got off the bus and headed to the buildings main entrance where we were greeted with champagne and appetizers. We did a quick photoshoot around the grounds and mingled with some friends here and there. Time flew by so quick because next thing I knew it was already time to take our seats at the table. Eddie and I were sat at a table with our friends Mistress Alexya and Little Red Bunny. At the end of the night it turned out to be the award winning table because we all won our respective categories!(:

Best Webcam Couple

Eddie and I took home the best couple award for the second year in a row!!(: The award came in a cute case with a Tiffany & Co bracelet for me and an Armani watch for Eddie courtesy of ImLive (thanks guys!). Accepting the award was a surreal experience. Of course we thanked all of our amazing fans in our speeches(: Next year I look forward to meeting some more fans at the show. Anyone can attend the LCA’s, they happen every year in March and you just need to purchase a ticket! Its a great way to meet all your favorite cam girls and partake in our industries special night. Maybe I’ll see some of you in Sitges next year for round 3. Just 11 months and 1 more week to go, let the countdown begin!! I’m already thinking about my dress for the next show(:


At the end of the awards ceremony everyone boards one of two shuttle buses. One bus goes back to the hotel while the other bus goes to Sitges’ best high end nightclub reserved exclusively for the LCA attendees. After the club theres an after party (with open bar) back at the event hotel that goes on until they start serving breakfast at 6:30am haha. I’m not a big drinker so I didn’t attend the club or after party this year but I heard it was a great time! Eddie came back to the hotel at 6:30am…and then I woke him up at 9:30am to go hunt for seashells on the beach lol(:

Here is a video another cam couple from Barcelona made of the event (live cam awards starts at 3:50):

The entire conference was hung over the day after the LCA’s except for me! I felt so awake and refreshed it was amazing. We spent our final day in Sitges having brunch at the conference and saying bye to the “playa” (beach). That afternoon we hopped in our rental car and were off to Barcelona! The drive up the coast was so pretty, it reminded me so much of summer.

I’ll tell you more about our time in Barcelona in my next blog post about the upcoming Team Emma movie: Spain Trip 2!!