Sitges and The European Summit

Eddie and I were so excited to go to Spain for the Live Cam Awards! Our adventure started with an afternoon flight from Croatia to Spain. Our first flight had terrible wind turbulence, it felt like we were on a roller coaster in the clouds, so intense! Later that night flying over Barcelona we enjoyed how pretty the city looked all lit up from above.


The coast line was huge and the street lights lit up the entire coast. We landed and found out our hotel was in a nearby city about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona. We arrived at our hotel in Sitges around 10pm and decided to go walk around and find a cute place for dinner. Later we went to bed while the rest of the conference attendees partied loudly downstairs lol.


The next day we woke up refreshed and ready to go! We attended a few seminars and conferences during the day which were a lot of fun and then we walked around and explored Sitges. We found a cute place to have some authentic Spanish food for lunch. They didn’t speak english or have any english menus so Eddie convinced me that this little restaurant was the right place. I must say they made some awesome food!



After the day time conferences there were many happy hours and night time party events. We had a great time meeting new people and learning new things. I couldn’t wait until the Live Cam Awards though!

Live Cam Awards

We boarded a shuttle bus that took us all to The Live Cam Awards Sunday evening. We arrived at this gorgeous Spanish mansion, that used to be a casino. We were greeted by servers with champagne and were blown away at the beauty of the grounds. The house was so pretty and sprawling on acres of land with gorgeous detailing everywhere. We went inside for hor dourves and more drinks. Then we were all led to the main house where we were presented with a big stage and a bunch of tables set up for dinner. We had an amazing 4 course dinner while we had live entertainment and watched the award ceremony.

It was so much fun watching everyone go on stage and accept their awards. When we got to the best live cam couple category I was a bit nervous. I told myself even if we didn’t win it was still okay because just being nominated was an honor. However, Eddie and I actually won! It was so exciting and we went up on stage to accept our award. We gave a cute little speech (Eddies went something like “I fuck my wife for a living, legalize marijuana!” and thanked everyone and then we were off to the red carpet for our interview. When the awards ceremony was done we all boarded the shuttle bus and headed back to a Spanish club where we partied all night and celebrated our win!(:


The next day we had a shuttle take everyone to Barcelona. We had a few hours in the evening to walk around and enjoy the city. It was time for sightseeing! Our first stop was the Cathedral De Barcelona which was huge and full of fine detailing. It was truly magical standing in front of such a large structure that vastly grew into the sky. I was shocked to find out that it would take 150 years of construction to complete. I really wanted to go inside but it was closed by the time we arrived. We had tapas and drinks at a nearby restaurant and then went to a neighboring art exhibit and viewed some Spanish art.


After the exhibit I laid my eyes on the first Starbucks I had seen in 4 months! I was overwhelmed with joy and ran inside to get a hot carmel mocha. We walked around Barcelona for a little bit longer and saw all the amazing Spanish architecture and then we boarded our bus and were on our way back for our last night at the hotel. We had a great trip and I was so excited to go back home to Split. <3

Oh and during our stay we found a little time to make a short movie for the members. That should be coming out shortly! If you want to get updates on new Team Emma movies and other cool offers and more, then feel free to signup to my email newsletter below:


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