Milena Devi

Milena Devi is our first ever Russian porn star! She came over along with Shona to fuck my husband on The Emma Show and we made sure to get lots of behind the scenes footage for you guys. We used that and mixed in some shots from the webcam to make this cock throbbingly good update! 😀  You can download the full movie in my shop which includes our HD camera footage as well as the best live show recordings.

Milena didn’t speak any English but we were still able to communicate quite well somehow. She was a bit shy at first but really warmed up to us towards the end. I must say it was quite hot watching two hot girls fucking my man in front of me, it felt so naughty holding their hair while they took turns sucking his cock and balls! And Milenas hair is so long and soft Im jealous lol. Watch one of our live show recordings for free below.


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