Modeling my Used Panties – Fall 2016

As most of you know by now I love shopping for panties(: I get a bunch at a time and once I’ve had a chance to wear them all I like to make a panty modeling video for you guys and put them up for sale. People love sniffing my used panties and some of you even send me pictures of you wearing them in public! I think its awesome. And I think you will love my new collection.

Thongs Galore!

I’m not a huge fan of thongs but they seem to be the best selling panty type so there’s quite a few in this round. 


My favorite is the multi-strap one its so cute! I priced it slightly higher than the rest because I really like it. Most of the thongs are still available so get ’em while you can!

Zagreb Center Rooftop

This panty video was a bit different from the rest because I made it in public! Well it was on a rooftop so it wasn’t THAT public (although there were people having coffee on the rooftop next door and they were all watching me strut my stuff lol). But the views of Zagreb center from up there were awesome! The Zagreb Cathedral was right behind me in some of the shots and it looks gorgeous. I’m really gonna miss this city when I move next month:/ I’ve never lived in any house longer than the one here so you could say I definitely made myself at home. Also it’s nice being able to speak and understand the local language, makes things much easier. I’ll miss that when I’m trying to learn Hungarian lol.



Well there they are, my Fall 2016 used panty collection. So when you’re out gift shopping this holiday season don’t forget to get yourself something as well(: Now what are you waiting for!? Get shoppin!