I was doing yoga outside one especially peaceful and serene morning. It was bright and sunny, the birds were chirping, and I was enjoying the beautiful day. I did lots of great stretches and was really starting to feel relaxed when it started to heat up outside. I decided to go indoors for a break. It was so hot I had to remove some clothing. Taking my sports bra off helped me cool off a bit but I was still feeling all warm and tingly inside. I was so relaxed and hot that it was making my pussy get wet so I took off my yoga shorts too!

Solo Masterbation

I started gently rubbing over my panties with my fingers. The soft, gentle touch of my finger tips running over my pussy got me so excited and before I knew it I found myself rolling all over and touching myself from the back. I was getting so horny when Eddie came in the room and walked in on me touching myself!



He asked what was going on but I was so turned on I pulled him over and got his dick out. I started sucking his hard cock while rubbing away furiously on my clit. I loved the feeling of playing with my pussy while getting my face fucked! I was so wet and horny at this point. I wanted him to taste my pussy but I also couldn’t keep his meaty cock out of my wet mouth so we positioned into 69. After that Eddie wanted to see my tongue covered with his cum so I jacked him off until he came hard into my mouth. It was a very rewarding yoga session that day(:

Morning Yoga Promo