Life in Budapest

Hey everyone!

Its been so long since I sat down to write a life update for you guys! As you know we recently moved to Budapest to make shooting our documentary easier and also to make hiring new girls for you guys MUCH easier as well(: I’ve spent about two and half months here now and its been the most fun adventure ever! Budapest is such an incredible city with insane nightlife, super cool architecture and the best restaurants and ruin bars(: I’ve also met a ton of cool people including porn stars, surgeons, real estate developers, filmmakers and the list goes on. So many interesting people and so much to do here! Besides moving I also celebrated my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago and we went to Spain again for the Live Cam Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted because we won!(: I’ve also had several new models on the show and and have lots of new movies and photosets which I will be showing you in the near future so stay tuned…

Live Cam Awards 2017

The next awards show is AW Summit in Romania and I’ve been nominated in two categories! So go vote for me for CAM GIRL OF THE YEAR and BEST LIVE CAM COUPLE. You can vote every single day if you want and I strongly encourage you to do so if you really love me(:


My birthday was so much fun. Eddie and Shona planned the most fun day ever for me. They made each activity a surprise by covering my head with a scarf so I couldn’t see where we were going lol. First we went to an escape room which I’ve always wanted to try and then we had a super cute lunch at my favorite restaurant. Later we did dinner on a boat with a gorgeous view of the Danube river and Buda Castle. But the biggest surprise of the night came when we went home after dinner and there was a surprise party waiting for me! I genuinely had no idea and it really caught me off guard. The party was so much fun and all in all it was one of the best birthdays everrrr!


New Girls

I’ve met so many cool girls since moving here. First was Shona River who quickly became my sexy new BFF. Then I discovered an agency which is basically like a porn star delivery service lol. Heres a little collage I made from our first month in Budapest:

You can also catch up with the fun by watching some of my recent YOUTUBE VIDEOS!


FREE Video

Finally heres one of the gold shows I did on Easter with Shona and Linda. We were three sexy bunnies and Shona had the cutest bunny tail butt plug!


Team Emma Update

If you’re already a member of Team Emma don’t forget there is a new update featuring my BFF Shona! If you’re not a member SIGN UP HERE.