(Update: Jasmine has become a main stream porn star and goes by the name Chase Ryder)

Meeting Jasmine (Chase Ryder)

So a few months ago I was at Minnies house and there was this girl there she wanted me to meet. This girl who I’d never met before was so fun and outrageous, I had her beautiful 34 D’s in my hands in the first 5 minutes! I was thrilled to meet someone as crazy and bubbly as me and we hit it off right away. That was a super fun night. I don’t remember much but I do recall driving down the street in Benson with the three of us hanging out of the moonroof exposing our boobs to pedestrians lol.  I also remembered Jasmine and how awesome she was. She was open, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous. I just had to get her on The Emma Show!

First Day On The Emma Show

After texting for a while Jasmine and I decided to meet up and talk about camming. She was very open to the idea of coming on the show and getting wild together.

Needless to say, our first show together was a blast. Jasmine was a natural in front of the camera. She liked the attention from the fans but I think her favorite part was getting her pussy sucked and licked! When I got the strap-on out this girls face lit up! She was born for The Emma Show. I honestly couldn’t have genetically engineered a better girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier(:

In case you missed it:

Our first show is available to members under The Emma Show. Just go here and sign in.

Every show we’ve done together should also be in there. There’s about 12 G/G shows with Jasmine so far. We have lots more great content with Jasmine coming soon! Look for her to make an appearance in Tan, Blonde and Fabulous 2 and don’t forget to come watch our show tonight because we are having a slumber party show and giving Eddie his first ever double blowjob!(: