Nude Beach

 Length - 8:20 | Featuring: Emma & Eddie | Type: Creampie - Vacation

For my first trip of the summer I went to Split, Croatia and visited my first nude beach while there! The official reason for the trip was to present our film “The Lovetts” at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split. But the day before we decided to have a beach day. While relaxing on the beach I asked the girl bringing us drinks if she knew of a nude beach and she point across the beach to the other side which was more secluded. We went over, got naked and started skipping rocks. Eventually we decided to have some naughty beach sex (which we didn’t record). There was a guy on his boat watching us which only added to the fun. After enjoying swimming in the nude we decided to head back into town for dinner and a night out. The next day we were back to our apartment provided by the film festival which had a huge terrace and beautiful views of Split and the sea port.  I had waaaay too many margaritas the night before so the next morning I was quite hungover but I sucked it up (pun intended) and got it done. I gave Eddie a blowjob and rode him until he filled my pussy with cum. It was pretty quick because he didn’t cum the day before on the beach so he was already about to explode when we started fucking. When the cum was dripping out of my pussy I did some twerking to get it all out and we got a great shot of the creampie dripping out in slow motion(: Check out the whole video below:

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