Winter Trip in Croatia

Its been over a year since Eddie and I took our last winter trip. We decided it was time to drive up north and experience the rest of Croatia! Our first stop was Zadar, Croatia. A little beach town about 3 hours north west of Split. When we got to Zadar we did a little photoshoot on the edge of this pier over looking the Adriatic Sea. I even found a real anchor! I couldn’t believe how big they are face to face.




After Zadar we were on our way to spend the night in Eddie’s birthplace Pula, Croatia. We drove about another 3 hours north west to get to Pula. Our journey took us through the snowy mountains of northern Rijeka. There we experienced the craziest snow storm ever! Everything was covered in a deep cloud of fog, the roads were covered with snow and the tree branches were all heavy with snow. We drove 10 mph for the longest time through the snowy mountains, then we went through a tunnel and the other end spit us out into a cute grassy countryside. I couldn’t believe how one end of the tunnel was covered in the deep snow and the other side wasn’t even that cold!




When we got to Pula we went to the colosseum right after checking into our hotel. We got to see how pretty it was at night with the moonlight on it and snapped a few photos. When we got back to the hotel Eddie was feeling naughty so we brought out the camera and filmed some awesome hotel room sex. Team Emma can watch our hotel fun in the upcoming Winter Wonderland 3 movie(: The next morning we went back to the colosseum so we could explore and see the day time museum and exhibits!(:

Pula Arena

The Pula Aren is the most well preserved Roman amphitheater in the world as well as the most well preserved ancient monument in Croatia. This was really special place for Eddie because he was born in Pula and used to play in front of the arena as a toddler. It was really cool sharing this experience together and seeing a part of my hubby childhood. And since we’re always looking to make great content for our members we took a few naughty pics as well;)


Later that day we drove through the snowy mountains some more until we got to Zagreb and then Bosnia. Our winter road trip was so much fun and I loved how we wrapped up our movie in a snowy cornfield. Can’t wait until our summer road trip next and look out for Winter Wonderland 3 coming soon to Team Emma!!

Winter Wonderland 3 – The Final Emma Lovett Trilogy Title