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When I was approached by Charlie Russell, a BAFTA and Emmy winning documentary filmmaker, I was delighted to hear that he was interested in interviewing Eddie and I about our webcamming work! We had been featured in a documentary style tv series before about our profession and were excited to be involved in a similar project yet again. This was in the beginning of August of last year (2014) and a time when things were really looking up. This website was starting to take form, we were hiring gorgeous new models to appear on our live show with us and I know Team Emma members were enjoying all the steamy threesome movies;) Our lives were packed with excitement and joy when suddenly we were hit with the most devastating event of our lives…


A fateful Day in Tempe, Arizona

August 12, 2014 was an unusual day. The sky was grey and cloudy and it was sprinkling rain…

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I will never forget the moment my husband was ripped away from me by the feds. Having my soulmate taken was difficult but we always tried to see the bright side of things. We planned our future together over jail phone calls and sent a ton of letters back and forth. I told him about Charlie and how he was interested in our story. We knew we could make it out of this traumatic experience and were hopeful for the future.


Initial Filming and Interviews

When I told Charlie we would be leaving the country in order to be reunited faster he decided he would fly out to Arizona to begin documenting our story. “Webcam Couples” was the working title for the project.

At the time my husband was taken by the immigration police we had been doing threesome shows with our latest model, Nicol. Now that he was gone Nicol and I were left to do girl on girl shows to keep The Emma Show alive and running.

Unlike some online articles state, Nicol and I did not start working together for the first time after Eddie was gone. Nor did we have to perform constantly. I love my show and entertaining all my awesome fans but our job is not as arduous as Webcam Couples may have people believing.

Charlie filmed us doing our live show at my house and Nicols new apartment. He interviewed me, Eddies mom and finally he went inside the immigration detention center to interview Eddie.

Finishing up in Europe

It took us over a month to get the necessary travel documents for Eddie to be allowed to purchase his ticket back to his birth country. He had left Croatia at the age of 4 and now he had little choice but to return. But at least we would be reunited and the nightmare would finally come to an end.


During Eddies detention we had decided to live in the coastal city of Split once we arrived in Croatia. We had always wanted live by the beach so we saw this as our opportunity. We knew Croatia was still a developing free market economy and didn’t know what our living situation would be like.

We spent our first week at the Radisson Blu which was actually a great hotel. It was certainly a step up from Eddies accommodations in immigration jail! We ended up finding a gorgeous, contemporary vacation rental right down the road from the hotel. It was definitely one of the nicer places we had lived in and because it was the off-season we were able to stay for several months at a huge discount from summer rates.

Charlie came to see us in Split during the dead of winter to finish up filming. We had dinner with him and his colleague Lauren the first night and started shooting the next day. We took Charlie to Diocletians Palace where we attempted to do some recruiting for the show. As it turns out Croatians are unfamiliar with webcamming and the girls here are unwilling to be naked on the internet for fear of their conservative community finding out.


Thoughts on Sex Diaries: Webcam Couples

I am so happy to have worked with Charlie who is a very talented documentarian. I feel like the piece was honest about webcamming but mostly about the difficult parts. The show happily omits the more glamorous side of things and thats my only real criticism. I guess it didn’t help that Charlie came into the picture during the most stressful and traumatic period of our lives but still there were a lot of things left out that showed the relative good fortune of our situation. If we didn’t have our awesome fans to support us through this tough time, things would have went down very differently.

We both consider ourselves truly blessed to have so many amazing fans out there who support us by supporting our work. Without you guys our lives would have been ruined by tragedy. But now only a few months later we are happier than ever(:

Sex Diaries is a three part seires the first of which is our show entitled, Webcam Couples. It aired on Monday the 28th of September on Channel 4.

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