Sharing Cum

When we moved to Budapest we were hoping to hire a new girl to join us for threesome shows immediately. Little did I know how soon I would be sharing cum with another girl. Our first week here we met Shona, a sexy, red-haired nympho who was more than happy to fuck us live on cam. The first show fucking Shona ended with Eddie cumming a huge load on t0 her tongue and her spitting the entire big, gooey mess into my mouth! I really hate the taste of cum and I got the biggest load dropped right into the back of my throat! YUCK! The gagging sound I made says it all. Watch the promo below:


Shonas Photoset

Lately I’ve been all about trying out the other side of the camera and I took some great shots of Shona on my bed. I’ll give you the entire .ZIP file photoset from this movie absolutely FREE! Click below to download:



Shona and I became friends really fast. I mean we were sharing my husbands cock and cum on a daily basis so I guess that sped up the bonding process lol. We both love being hot and slutty on cam and she is a really great kisser. I love putting oil on her nice, tight booty which I’m so jealous of btw. Unlike me she actually goes to the gym all the time and it shows! And she is soooooo good at sharing cock. We loved licking up from the balls to the tip on opposite sides, our lips meeting at the head and making out ouffff! SO HOTTT! Members can watch Cum Swaps with Shona Part One HERE. And if you’re not a member yet sign up below(:

Part Two Next Week

Check back for part two of this movie next week!(: And heres the youtube videos from our first few times camming together: