Sloppy Blowjob

Role Play Movie 

Eddie was home alone one night reading when he received a phone call. It was that dirty little slut Emma and he knew his night was about to get a whole lot better. Emma showed up soon after and he could see her on the security monitor wearing tiny little short shorts and a black crop top. Next thing he knew Emma was in the apartment and all over him. She threw his book down and started making out with him and rubbing his hardening cock. One thing led to another and Emma was pulling Eddie’s pants down looking for her special friend.


Emma slowly started licking Eddies head with her tongue going up and down and then she teased the tip and tickled it. After that she start kissing and sucking on his hard cock gently while using her hands for help. Eddie was so horny and knew Emma gave a hot and sloppy blowjob. She got Eddie’s cock so hard and wet with her mouth that he was about to cum any minute. Emma deep throated and gagged on Eddies hard dick with mascara stained tears running down her face.

After he couldn’t hold it in any longer Eddie shot out a hot load of cum all over Emmas slutty face.


Sloppy Blowjob Trailer