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Solo Masturbation

I was jogging through the park across the street one afternoon when something suddenly came over me. A strange desire that made my pussy feel all tingly. I was overcome with the urge to touch myself so I stopped running. It felt so naughty to be out in public in broad daylight rubbing my pussy! All of a sudden I heard a sound so I stopped myself and continued with my jog. When I thought no one was around I again took a break from my run to rub my pussy and titties. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn’t be caught. Again I heard a noise and decided to find a more secluded part of the park. I ventured into an area surrounded by trees and started masturbating. I was getting pretty into it when I noticed a bright pink object peaking out of a bag. It was a vibrator! I couldn’t believe my good fortune of finding a fully charged vibrator exactly when I was horny! I started using it only to be interrupted again by some noises. I decided to take my new play thing home and finish myself off in bed. I thoroughly enjoyed my solo masturbation session. After cumming I took a relaxing nap(: