Spain Trip 2 

We took another trip to Spain for the second annual Live Cam Awards! I wanted to do a point of view style ride along type video so I always had a camera nearby to film different points along the journey. We had Eddies Spanish friend get us some purple haze and we hung out with him and his friends at our hotel the first night.

The second day we attended the conference and had some hot, vacation sex in our hotel room. When we were fucking by the window wall we noticed people looking up and pointing but I didn’t mind so we kept shooting our movie. But then the front desk called and asked us if we could please close the curtains hahah! Good times(: Eventually it was time for the awards ceremony and we won Best Live Cam Couple for the second year in a row whooo! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Live Cam Awards 2017

This will be the third year of the awards show and this time I have my eyes set on a three-peat! If you love me please go vote us in the “Best Couple Live Cam Action” category. Don’t ask me why they call it that I asked them to change it to something that makes sense forever ago lol. 

Keep in mind you will need to make an account first but it should only take a few minutes!(: If you do vote for me just know that you have my undying love for all of eternity XX