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Emma’s sexy, blonde gold digger mom is about to score big when she marries Eddie’s successful father. Their parents have been traveling the world with them in tow and the sexual tension has never been greater between the two. Now they have been left alone to enjoy their vacation in a beautiful, coastal town in scenic Croatia.

On a dark and rainy afternoon Eddie comes home to discover his soon-to-be step sister in bed as usual. Eddie notices her big, round ass cheeks hanging out and stretching those tight red panties. He can’t resist the urge to rouse her from sleep with a nice smack to the butt! Later Emma steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel before heading to the kitchen for her late afternoon breakfast. Instead she is interrogated by Eddie about the reason she was out all night.


“You’re such a slut”

His words prompt a casual drop of Emma’s towel, exposing her supple, nubile body. The dumb stare on his face as she walks away to get dressed reaffirms who is in charge around here. Eddie and his father like to think they are powerful men in control but Emma recognizes the Power of the Pussy and she has every intention of following in her mothers footsteps in seducing a successful man.

Eddies father warned him about Emma. He told him to respect his sister-to-be and not “fuck around”. Well Eddies not a very good listener because he ending up fucking around quite a bit with Emma on this trip. And now here she was pouring him coffee in the kitchen with that big, juicy ass just taunting him and make his pants fit tighter.


Emma won’t admit it but she loves being bossed around and Eddie telling her to make him coffee got her pussy tingling. ‘Fucking your step brother is so naughty!’ thought Emma. And next to smoking weed and sleeping, there’s nothing Emma likes more than being naughty. So she pulled at Eddies belt and started felating his chocolate desert to show her intentions.

Just as he finally started kissing her sweet lips, Emmas Skype started ringing. It was her mom letting them know that Eddies father and her would be coming back in three days and they decided to have the wedding the day they get back. Considering this latest piece of news, fucking each other silly never seemed more urgent!



Sunshine and smoke

The next morning (after a night of great sex) the two young love birds decided it was time to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean weather and lay out by the pool. Emma went inside to grab water but ended up rolling herself a fatty jay. Eddie came inside to join the smoke sesh but his tongue and cock ended up inside Emmas pussy before they could even finish it! Fucking her future step brother in the kitchen where her mom made breakfast made her pussy wetter than ever! Which then made Eddies cock harder than ever until she pulled it out and tugged on it until it squirted hot cum all over her ass!



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