The highly anticipated sequel to Emma Lovetts debut adult movie

It’s been a full year since I made my first naughty movie (Tan, Blonde and Fabulous) and today I’m proud to introduce the second installment, aptly titled Tan, Blonde and Fabulous 2. A lot has happened the past year and its so fun seeing how different I look now compared to the first TBF. For one, I used to be a brunette! Unbelievable I know. Another things that’s different in TBF 2 is the cast of characters. In the first one it was just me and Eddie. But this time I had some help from my favorite adult film star…

2 times the sexy, 2 times the crazy, TBF 2!

In the new movie I am accompanied by none other than Chase Ryder. She is a drop-dead gorgeous up and coming adult film star that got her first taste of adult entertainment (and my pussy) on… The Emma Show!

Chase aka Jasmine aka the wife-fucker has been giving you guys steamy threesome shows for months now. If you missed any of these shows check them out in The Gold Show Library located here.

Chase Ryder and I had a blast doing the scenes for this movie. We got to go swimming, play mini-golf and eat delicious steak (and eachother!). We went to an amusement park (CrackerJax) and it was so much fun playing the games while making out with Chase, playing with her big, beautiuful boobies at every opportunity. There was a group of guys there that somehow knew we were filming a porno. I don’t know how they could possibly know…


Filming Tan, Blonde and Fabulous 2

We filmed this movie over the course of several weeks and encountered one obstacle after another along the way. The first day we shot by the pool and Crackerjax and we got a lot of great stuff. But later that night when Eddie sat down to edit what we filmed he accidentally erased it! Everything was gone just like that and we had spent the better part of a day filming by the pool and at the amusement park. Needless to say it was devastating, I almost cried. But the three of us were determined to give our members the sequel of the year so we persevered.

A week later on the same day we re-shot the pool and bathroom scenes and later that night it was back to CrackerJax! They must’ve thought we were crazy people because here we are again a week later running around with a camera doing scandalous things with eachothers tongues. And each time we came it was less than an hour before they closed but we still bought unlimited ride passes for some reason lol.

Another hurdle came when we filmed the threesome scene. The first one was okay but not TBF2 worthy so we used it in Menage a Trois instead. And then Chase was called off to Florida to film with Bang Bros and Reality Kings so we had to postpone production until a month later. At this point we were moved into our new place and we finished the threesome scene and the movie.

But even when TBF2 left the cutting room floor the obstacles did not stop. For over a week my poor members could not access the movie because of punctuation in the title which rendered it unplayable. However, today I am proud to announce that TBF2 is available for viewing by Members here.

Emmas Favorite

I hope my members enjoy the new movie I personally regard it as my favorite. I mean it even has bloopers at the end come on!! What more could you ask for(:

tbf2 lick

If you’re not a member yet it is seriously time you Sign Up! And look out for more awesome videos with Chase Ryder and other beautiful Emma Show models coming soon!

-Emma Lovett