I was so excited to watch a strangers home and pets

dog sitter buttWalking down the railroad tracks on my way to making some much needed cash, I got a call from the owner. He is all ready to go off to his business conference and is wondering where I am.

“I’m on my way right now! I can’t wait to see meet your dogs and see your house I’m so excited..”

I walk up and knock on the door and immediately hear the dogs barking. “Great” I say to myself “already barking at me”. A tall man with glasses and a pink button down shirt answers the door.

“Hi, you must be the dog sitter”.

He takes me upstairs, briefly goes over a few things and is gone in a hurry. I’m left in this strangers house and decide to look around and make myself at home.

I’m grabbing a drink from the fridge when my best friend calls:

“Hey girl…he’s gonna be gone the whole day actually…he is, he’s kinda cute.. older.. at least he’s wearing a pink shirt (giggles)..”

Eventually I make it up to the bedroom where I discover a naughty surprise in the drawers. It’s a pink vibrator and something tells her I should bring it downstairs with me.

Touching myself on the job

I’m watching tv with the vibrator next to me and I start thinking about my situation. I’m in a strangers home, tasked at taking care of the pets and watching the property. But I’ve already been so bad rummaging through someones stuff, it’s not my fault I found that vibrator. Feeling naughty makes my pussy tingle and after only 20 minutes on the job I can’t believe I’m already rubbing someone elses vibrator all over my clit!

Feeling exhilarated and beyond horny, I’m finally working myself to an orgasm when all of a sudden I hear the alarm chime and the front door open! It’s the owner! How is he back already!?

IMG_1795I quickly hide the vibrator under some blankets on the couch, turn up the tv and try to look casual even though my pussy is still wet and tingling.


Things heat up

It turns out the owner was in such a hurry he left his wallet behind. The first place he thinks to look is under the blankets where I hid the sex toy!

At first he chastises me and tells me to conduct myself more professionally. But after I let on how horny I am the man in the pink shirt quickly forgets about his business conference and proceeds to use the vibrator on me before giving me the hard cock I so desperately craved…

The Dog Sitter – Promo

He was really turned on too and couldn’t help cumming all over me. I came too but I was still horny so I go upstairs with the vibrator looking for a towel…

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