Mr. Lovett recently hired a new housekeeper to help keep the home tidy. But as he is a cautious man he sets up a few cameras to ensure the help is as honest as they claim. When the maid shows up Mr. Lovett is stunned to find out that a young and attractive woman named Emma would be cleaning his home.


The Housekeeper

Emma walked in on her first day dressed conservatively with leggings under her short dress. She introduced herself and got to work vacuuming the floors. She was immediately intrigued by Mr. Lovett and her new role as his subordinate. On the second day Emma decided to show off her legs and bright pink panties at work in an attempt to dial up the sexual tension. It worked and Mr. Lovett offered Emma a glass of champagne which she politely declined in order to keep things professional.

As the days passed Mr. Lovett definitely noticed that Emma was dressing more provocatively. In fact he was collecting a spank bank of videos of her bending over to do household cleaning. Eventually he decided to come clean about the cameras in hopes that she might be turned on by it. But after not getting the reaction he hoped for he promises to have al the cameras removed.


Hidden Cameras

Emma didn’t know whether to act shocked or flattered that her client had been fantasizing over her. The next day Emma came to work very late and dressed seductively to find that Mr. Lovett was in the shower.

She decided to start with the towels so she could bring him one after his shower. Mr. Lovett didn’t know how to feel after the prior day confrontation but Emma put him at ease with her easy going personality and flirty behavior. He thanked Emma for the towels but she insisted that she stays behind and helps dry every inch of his dripping wet body.


Making a mess

Emma got on her knees and started sucking Mr.Lovetts cock dry. His fantasy was coming true! He fucked the housekeepers face and she deepthroated every inch of his hard cock in a sloppy bathroom blowjob when all of a sudden Mr. Lovetts phone rings interrupting the moment. Emma excuses herself and gets back to work cleaning the kitchen.

When Mr.Lovett returns he finds Emma cleaning the dishes seductively with her butt exposed and he can’t help but rubbing all over her hot, young body. The moment heats up and next thing he knows Mr.Lovett is fucking Emma hard over the kitchen island.

Doggy turned to some cowgirl floor riding and missionary on top of the kitchen island until Mr. Lovett can’t take it any more and explodes hot cum all over Emmas pink lacy panties.

Thats one mess she was more than happy to clean (:


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