Twerk 2 by Emma Lovett

In Twerk 2 by Emma Lovett I have a grand ol time dazzling you with my jiggly ass shaking. I twerk it in slow motion and with baby oil! The full story is this: A few years ago Pornhub did a contest to see who could get the best twerking porn video. I submitted my first ever twerk video (which was hard for me being a white girl with little to no rump shaking skills). That twerk video garnered over 5 million views! After endless requests for a sequel I finally made TWERK 2!

In this movie I twerk my little heart out both in slow motion and regular speed at 60fps. I twerk it to some of my favorite songs! Theres no music towards the end just in case you wanted to focus on my big cheeks jiggling(: I really enjoyed rubbing baby oil all over my ass and bouncing around on my big, pink inflatable flamingo! Eventually I get busy sucking cock and finally twerking on that hard dick. Obviously he can’t take much of that and explodes cum all over my pussy(: Which Twerk movie do you prefer the first one or this one? Comment below and let me know!