photo (1) Omg I could not wait to get home and let everyone know the great news!!

Eddie had court this morning. The whole experience was very short and my heart was pounding the whole time. I’m friends with a lot of the prison staff by now lol most of them are very nice. They made sure I got back in time to see Eddie’s trial and they even let me have a visit with him after. We held hands and celebrated our judgment with some kisses!(:

The judge granted Eddie his voluntary departure!! In 30 days or less we will be on a flight together to Sarajevo, Bosnia!(: I have a lot to accomplish in less than 30 days. I’m working on selling some furniture and things today and then I’m getting a storage unit for all the rest of our furniture and things we want to keep!(: I also need to get my animals new shots and have the dogs microchips updated, Larry’s never even been microchipped before, and he hates the vet. Poor Kitty. None of my animals have flown before, the vet should give them sedatives so they sleep through out the trip!(:

The journey starts now. I’ll be camming double shifts with Nicol daily to pay for the move overseas, so come join us when you’re not busy! And don’t forget we do custom videos and have tons of panties for sale in the shoplarry dogs !!(:

I can’t wait to be reunited with my baby!! I’m working on securing a gorgeous European apartment for us now and well have new Eastern European girls on The Emma Show as soon as we get there!(:

Tons of new stuff coming, I can’t wait to see what life brings. I look forward to this exciting new time in our lives. Everything will be so different and exciting!!

Anyway you won’t have to put up  with web developer Emma anymore lol I know I work slow, web stuff is really hard and I’m so thankful I have Eddie to do it for me lol less than 30 days until Eddie’s back to running this site and giving you guys fresh and awesome new content!(: Until then watch me and my girlfriend Nicol do naughty things to each other in the gold show library!(:

Thanks again for all your love, support, and patience everyone! I have the best fans and I can’t wait to take you to Europe with me!!!

Tons of love and kisses!