Road Trip!

I made a post about road tripping across Croatia a couple weeks ago and told you guys a little about the movie we made along the way. Well the movie is now up in the members area and you can watch the trailer right here:

Eddie and I were so excited to take our first road trip across Croatia. We left early Friday morning and were on our way up the coast line! We got lost heading to Zadar and ended up on a tiny little one way road with a bunch of chickens everywhere. I took the opportunity to try to pet some chickens but they ended up being a lot faster than I thought lol. When we finally got back onto the highway it was just a few hours until our first destination. We arrived in Zadar around noon and headed straight to the marina. The roads were confusing and not clearly marked, we ended up driving the wrong way on a one way road with a dozen cars coming our way lol we let all the cars pass and continued up the one way road. When we finally got there we took a little break on the pier and I tried to skip some rocks but failed, all my rocks sank straight to the bottom. We were only in Zadar for about 15 minutes and then continued northward to Pula.


On our way to our next stop we had to drive through the snowy mountains of Rijeka. It was like a whole different world full of snow and wind. Our car was rocking from the wind and driving was so scary on the icy, slippery roads. At one point we were going a steady 10 miles per hour on the highway because of how severe the snow storm was. Snow was falling so fast and you could barely see out ahead through all the snowy fog. We entered a snowy tunnel and then when we came out the other end all the snow was gone. There wasn’t a drop of snow anywhere. Then we drove up the rainy highway and continued to Pula.

When we finally arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel in Pula Eddie wanted a blowjob so I told him okay, as long as I get a pizza after lol. Things got naughty real quick and a blowjob lead to hot hotel room sex and a tummy cummy finish on me(: After we came, we ordered a pizza and then we were off to see the Pula Roman Colosseum at night. It was really pretty under the moon light but we couldn’t get inside at the time since it was dark. The next morning we left our hotel and came back to explore the inside of the colosseum. It was so magical, I took some time to sit there and admire what a vast ancient structure it was. While we were walking around and exploring we discovered the underground museum full of ancient pottery and gladiator goodies. I saw super old authentic gladiator shoes! After spending some time in the colosseum and taking many selfies we were finally off to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.


We had lunch in Zagreb and hung out with Eddies cousin. They hadn’t seen eachother since they were 4 years old! Then we were off to a nearby snowy city called Daruvar. On our way to Daruvar we had to drive on a tiny road full of huge, deep holes everywhere. It was so scary and I couldn’t finish my makeup because of how bumpy it was. Eddie was starting to feel horny again and wanted to fuck. We didn’t know where to go so we pulled over in the nearest snowy cornfield and I led Eddie through the field of corn until we found a good spot. I gave Eddie an awesome blowjob and then he came all over my face. If you watch the full movie you will see that this was our first slow motion facial(: A lot of the jizz went in my eye and made me cry. I stumbled back to the car and cleaned my face up. I was so mad I decided to throw a hard ice ball at Eddie for revenge. We drove back through the bumpy road to Zagreb Airport where we had some lunch and hopped on a flight back home to Split.


Overall I must say our first Croatian road trip was a success, full of laughter, tears, and lots of snow!(: A great way to wrap up the Winter Wonderland Trilogy! Members can watch the full movie here:

Winter Wonderland 3 – Full Movie

And if you’re not a member yet…what are you waiting for!?!? lol